Definition of terms


Body Integrity Identity Disorder (B.I.I.D.) is classified as a phenomenon wherein individuals desire a bodily impairment such as an amputation of one or more (healthy) limbs, paralysis, blindness of deafness. Those experiencing B.I.I.D. report that their physical body does not align with their mental body map, causing them to perceive their unwanted limb as foreign.

While there is gaining research in this area, the medical community has yet to determine what causes this mismatch in an individual’s body map and the physical body. There are several theories used to explain this phenomenon, but questions remain.


An individual whose desire for a disability is strong enough to leads her/him to seek to acquire that disability.


Pretenders are individuals who pretend to have the disability they want. Some individuals will use a wheelchair, although they technically do not need it. Those who want a leg or arm amputation will often bandage it so that it appears the limb is missing, using crutches or prosthetics to assist them.


Devotism is a sexualized interest in the appearance, sensation, and experience of disability.